5 IR Tips For MicroCap CFOs

A recent post on CFO.com discussed “The Link Between Good Investor Relations and Stock Price“. 

The article’s author, Brad Samson, writes “Pick any industry group of stocks. If you compare valuations and trading metrics, you consistently find a couple of stocks trading at premium multiples at the top of the group.

Samson shares 5 tips CEOs & CFOs can use to see their companies experince higher valuations than their peers.

1. Get on the road and talk to investors.

2. An alternative to hiring a strong internal IR person is working with a good IR agency or consultant.

3. Become a better friend to sell-side analysts.

4. Look for ways to expand your addressable market of investors.

5. Revitalize your investor story.

Check out the full post on CFO.com for more details HERE


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