Interview with the CEO of Small Cap Digital


Paul Bruce, Founder and CEO of Small Cap Digital, joins us to discuss his digital marketing agency that specializes in building organic, engaged audiences for nano, micro and small cap public companies.

When and why did you start SCD?

Paul Bruce (Founder and CEO of Small Cap Digital): “We started the company in September of 2016 after noticing the severe lack of quality digital marketing by a majority of public companies in the nano-cap and microcap space.  Many of these companies are spending serious money on press releases, conferences and IR/PR firms, but they still have websites that are unresponsive (not optimized for mobile) and little to no presence on social media.  This is a huge opportunity LOST for these companies.”   

What does Small Cap Digital do?


Paul Bruce: “Digital marketing from A to Z.  Responsive websites, SEO, email marketing, content creation, video creation, social media management and paid search management.  We also help our client optimize their traditional marketing efforts to maximize ROI and tracking capabilities. Every company has a story to tell but they do not have an audience.  We’ll help you build an organic audience that will eventually engage with your brand.”

Who can SCD (Small Cap Digital) help the most?

Paul Bruce: Quite simply – any micro or nano cap public company that is looking to get serious about digital marketing but is struggling to get started. 

How is SCD different from competitors?

Paul Bruce: We are willing to start small and build something over time.  Most traditional Investor Relations or Public Relations firms ignore companies in this space. They do not feel that they are “worth their time” so to speak.  Our background is in organic local marketing.  We have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry as well as “Mom and Pop” shops.  Our goal is to create a custom digital presence for each and every client that meets their needs as well as their budgets. We’ll also turn down an opportunity if we don’t feel like it’s a good fit for us or for the prospect.  Not all money is good money.

What is the single biggest mistake companies make when it comes to digital marketing?

Paul Bruce: Expecting results too soon.  Building a digital presence takes time and expecting amazing results in the first few months is simply unrealistic.  A decent, responsive website optimized for search (SEO) needs time to build up links.  Links are everything when it comes to ranking in the search engines.  If you build them too fast, you’ll send up Red Flags to the search engines that something unnatural is going on with your site.  The same is true with social media and email marketing.  You must engage and nurture your audience over time to build up trust.  Digital marketing is not a magic pill that is going to solve all of your problems over night.  If you are not willing to be patient, then you will become frustrated easily and most likely give up.  Approach your digital marketing efforts like an athlete, it takes time to build something great.  Can you imagine what would have been if Michael Jordan quit basketball after he was cut from his varsity high school team?

Anything else readers should know about SCD? 

Paul Bruce: Yes – we have a strategic alliance with JGR Capital Partners, an Equity Research firm in New York City.  Here is a quote from their site, “The challenges for public companies with micro and nano market capitalizations frequently are poor liquidity and inefficient market valuations given limited analyst coverage. This inhibits a company’s ability to generate/maintain shareholder interest and to raise capital.”  JGR Capital provides quality content in the form of Equity Research that so many companies desire, but can seldom obtain.  We can even structure the agreement to avoid the large initial investment this type of research typically requires.  This is an option that no other Equity Research firm, at least the ones that we contacted, will even consider. 

Where can our readers learn more?

Paul Bruce: Leave us a message on our site here – or they can email us at info@smallcapdigital.comThey can also click the links to follow us on FacebookLinkedInGoogle Plusand Twitter


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