5 Ways Corporate Governance Improves Investor Relations


In May, OTC Markets Group and Compass Investor Relations hosted a webinar about what investors expect from companies in today’s highly-competitive capital markets.

A recent post on the OTC Markets’ blog, summarize five ways to use corporate governance to improve investor relations

According to the blog post, “The capital markets are very competitive. This is a crowded field where you need to compete to win, and great corporate governance is a significant advantage for those who practice it. In the end, be the best any shareholder can ask for given your circumstances. Shareholders have a history of paying for the best. The costs are more than justified by the superior returns.

5 Ways Corporate Governance Improves Investor Relations:

1. Make your financial reporting the best among your peers

2. Have a great board of directors (check out this free webinar on July 12th — 5 Steps To Determining Who Should Be on Your MicroCap Board)

3. Show you can be trusted with shareholders’ money

4. Talk and listen to investors
– Be clear and consistent.
– Keep your promises.
– Be transparent.
– Give updates.
– Be timely.
– Be proactive.


5. Keep the best company you can

Check out the full post on OTC Markets’ blog HERE.

Watch a recording of the webinar for free HERE


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