June’s Must Reads For MicroCap Investor Relations Teams

We know microcap investor relations professionals are busy. To help out our microcap IR friends (and all of our other microcap readers), we summarized some of our most popular microcap investor relations posts from June below!

MicroCap Newsletters Panel from The Planet MicroCap Showcase

June 2, 2017

The Planet MicroCap Showcase 2017 in Las Vegas featured a number of great panels geared towards microcap professionals. One such panel was the “MicroCap Newsletters – Listen to the Experts” Sponsored by Issuer Direct Corporation. The panel was moderated by Brian Balbirnie of Issuer Direct Corp. Speakers included Brent Cook – Exploration Insights, Maj Soueidan – GeoInvesting.com, and Paul Andreola – Small Cap Discoveries.

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[Podcast] The Importance of MicroCap CEO Pay & Stock Ownership
June 9, 2017

In the newest episode of the Planet MicroCap Podcast, Travis Wiedower from Wiedower Capital discusses the idea of CEO alignment with shareholders.

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3 Best Practices To Build An Effective MicroCap IR Strategy

June 13, 2017

Earlier this year, OTC Markets partnered with IR Magazine to develop a Small Cap IR whitepaper series. The first whitepaper in that series discussed “Laying the foundation of a small-cap IR program”. For those microcap CEOs who are short on time or simply missed the whitepaper, Jason Paltrowitz (EVP and Head of Corporate Services at OTC Markets Group) summarized the whitepaper in a recent blog post.

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MicroCap IR Teams Are Targeting the Wrong Investors!

June 22, 2017

According to a recent survey conducted by OTC Markets, small-cap companies say increasing the liquidity of their stock is their top capital market concern, followed by increasing their share price, raising capital and attracting institutional investors, according to the survey. Attracting retail investors is not a top concern of smaller issuers, despite studies that show smaller companies are owned by a majority of self directed investors, revealing a gap between small companies’ perceptions about their capital market needs and investor demand..

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5 IR Tips For MicroCap CFOs

June 26, 2017

A recent post on CFO.com discussed “The Link Between Good Investor Relations and Stock Price”. The article’s author, Brad Samson, writes “Pick any industry group of stocks. If you compare valuations and trading metrics, you consistently find a couple of stocks trading at premium multiples at the top of the group.” Samson shares 5 tips CEOs & CFOs can use to see their companies experience higher valuations than their peers.

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2017 Marcum MicroCap Conference Panel Recordings Available for Viewing

June 27, 2017

The 2017 Marcum MicroCap conference last week was a huge success. This year’s conference saw a record number of presenting companies and had 9 great expert panel discussions. If you missed the panels, or want to see them again, recordings of all the panels can be viewed on the conference website; http://www.marcummicrocap.com/Panels.

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Interview with the CEO of Small Cap Digital

June 29, 2017

Paul Bruce, Founder and CEO of Small Cap Digital, joins us to discuss his digital marketing agency that specializes in building organic, engaged audiences for nano, micro and small cap public companies..

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