Reg A+ Has Arrived


David N. Feldman, partner in the global law firm of Duane Morris LLP, declared June 2017 as “The Month Reg A+ Arrived” in a recent post on his blog

Feldman is referring to the first three Reg A+ IPOs trading on national exchanges. Myomo, Inc. (NYSE MKT:MYO)Adomani (Nasdaq:ADOM) and ShiftPixy (Nasdaq:PIXY) each completed Reg A+ IPOs raising millions in June.

Mr. Feldman also points out that three different broker-dealers led the three deals. He says “This bodes well for the hoped-for meaningful growth in the number of exchange-listed Reg A+ deals yet to come. While some Reg A+ issuers can raise money without the assistance of underwriters, many others see the benefit of partnering with experienced Wall Street hands to help access capital.

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