5 Takeaways from The Small-Cap IR Summit


As part of this year’s NIRI conference, OTC Markets Group organized and moderated a panel of industry experts dedicated to addressing the needs of small cap IR professionals. In a recent blog post, Jason Paltrowitz shared 5 Takeaways from the Small-Cap IR Summit: New Ideas for Creating Interest & Value.

1. Be visible: Leo Hinkley, Managing Director, Investor Relations, BBX Capital said it best, “If people don’t know you exist, they can’t buy you.”

2. Find your niche: When it comes to attracting buy-side interest, start by taking a hard look at your company and your peers. Most firms operate under a specific mandate, so you need to do your homework to determine which firms might be a good fit for your company.

3. Make the most of your Event Calendar: With a new conference popping up on virtually a daily basis, its important to find the ones that are reputable and tailored to the Small Cap market. Check out our microcap conference calendar for upcoming events. 

4. Accessing Research: First, look at the analysts that cover your peers and your industry/sector. They may be willing to meet with you to learn more about the industry and deepen their knowledge. The sell-side can also prove to be another great access point. Look at smaller boutique banks or firms that you aspire to work with,but be realistic about your short list and the timeline to getting there.

5. Watch out for Red Flags: There still a lot of sharks looking to prey upon small companies. Thus, IR professionals need to keep their guard up, proceed with caution and take a more critical look at the opportunities with which they are presented.

Check out the full blog post on the OTC Markets blog HERE.

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