NYSE Mkt Changes Name to NYSE American and Adds New Features


The NYSE Mkt, the NYSE’s market for small to mid-cap companies, is now officially known as NYSE American. Today, the NYSE American introduced new features including a 350-microsecond speed bump, designed to protect investors from predatory kinds of speed-based trading, and a Discretionary Pegged Order.

In addition to operating the new speed bump, it will let investors buy and sell all U.S. stocks, including those listed on Nasdaq’s exchange, and shift entirely to electronic trading.

According to the NYSE website, NYSE American’s key features are:

– Expanded trading in over 8,000 securities on NYSE’s new state-of-the-art trading platform providing market participants with connectivity to all our equity and options markets

– Electronic Designated Market Maker (e-DMM) with quoting obligations in each NYSE American-listed security, enhancing price discovery and liquidity

– DPO offering enhanced price improvement

– 350 microsecond delay on all incoming orders to ensure resting pegged orders are re-priced before new interest enters the order book

– Full depth-of-book market data providing valuable transparency

– Free trading on all displayed orders

– Simple order types to reduce complexity

– Comprehensive listing services include market intelligence desk, NYSE Connect market data platform, regulatory advocacy.

Learn more HERE.

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