Tips for MicroCap Management Balancing IR With Other Responsibility


A recent post on discusses “Wearing two hats: Small-caps and balancing IR with another role“. 

The consensus from small cap professionals, that are responsible for IR in addition to other roles, is that there are certain predictable IR responsibilities (earnings reports, scheduled financial disclosures, conferences and roadshows) that will require your full attention for a number of weeks every year.

Adam Borgatti, formerly vice president of corporate development and investor relations at the Aecon Group, says “I’ve found the key is to schedule all the non-IR activities as much as possible away from quarterly earnings and marketing windows. This helps to smooth the work as best you can throughout the year

JT Farley, managing director of investor relations and corporate communications at ITG, says that managing both roles effectively is much easier if you have backup for your non-IR role during peak times, either through some help from in-house staff or from an outside agency.

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