$1.7 Billion in MicroCap M&A in Q2


According to the Acquis Capital “Second Quarter 2017 — Listed MicroCap M&A Report“, microcap public companies made over $1.7 billion in acquisitions in Q2.

The report says that 52 NASDAQ, NYSE, or NYSE Mkt listed issuers announced M&A transactions. The combined disclosed transaction value of these 52 transactions was over $1.7 billion. Average individual transaction value for the quarter was $58 million. In Q2, average disclosed purchase consideration consisted of 90% cash, 8% stock and 2% seller debt.

This was first quarter that Acquis only collected data on NASDAQ & NYSE LD Micro Index Constituents (without foreign listed or OTC issuers). Previous Listed M&A Reports from Acquis Capital included all US Listed issuers with market capitalizations of less than $350 million.

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