Fatburger Parent Joins Growing List of Companies Exploring Reg A+ IPOs


FAT Brands, the parent company of burger chain Fatburger and Buffalo’s Cafe and Buffalo’s Express restaurants, has announced plans to go public with a Reg A+.

FAT Brands follows a number of other well known brands that are looking at Reg A+ as a viable way to raise capital and go public. In June, three companies used Reg A+ to list on senior US exchanges. Last month, Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace or Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment announced they were exploring Reg A+ IPOs.

FAT Brands is currently gauging the interest of potential shareholders through its website and on TriPoint Global Equities’ Banq crowdfunding platform. Banq is known for its role in the MYOMO IPO, the first Reg A+ IPO to list on the NYSE

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