Did BANQ Crack the Reg A IPO Code?


A recent article on restfinance.com asks; “Did BANQ Crack the Mini-IPO Code?“. BANQ is the electronic investment-banking platform aimed to streamline investment banking and be a platform for alternative investments like Regulation A+.

BANQ is the division of TriPoint Global Equities that helped MYOMO become the first Reg A+ IPO to list on the NYSE. Since then, BANQ has attracted a number of high profile clients including Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace Fatburger parent FAT Brands.

In speaking about the MYOMO IPO, TriPoint Global Equities CEO Mark Elenowitz says; “What it did was it opened the floodgates, because beyond raising the capital for the company it demonstrated to my peers on the street that it looks, acts, feels and more importantly settles as any other standard IPO.

Elenowitz continues by discusses how companies with large followings can leverage those follows to execute an IPO.

Elenowitz says; “That’s the power of Reg A. When you look at Reg A and you look at consumer products and hospitality companies that we work with, now you have fans, you have customers, you have a loyal affinity group that finally gets a chance to participate in an IPO,” adding that it also turns investors into customers. “It also turns it the other way. You can take a shareholder who has never heard of you and suddenly you’re seeing it and you can turn a potential investor into a customer, so you’re really getting two bites of the apple. That to me is what is so special.

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