16 Things CEOs Should Do Before An IPO


16 Things CEOs Should Do Before An IPO

Last week, Jeff Jordan – partner at venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, shared “16 things CEOs should do before an IPO” on Techcrunch.com.

Jordan’s 16 things CEOs should do before an IPO include:


#1 Have a great CFO in place

#2 Build out the capabilities of your finance team

#3 Invest in robust internal administrative and financial systems

#4 Build the right board

#5 Start meeting with select bankers early

#6 Start meeting with target investors well in advance of the filing

#7 Clean up your cap table

#8 Communicate (carefully) with your company about IPO plans

#9 Hire the right accounting firm

#10: Resolve your company’s corporate governance

#11 Develop a long-term financial model

#12 Interrogate your P&L

#13 Don’t starve the business heading in to an IPO

#14 Carefully think through planned metrics reporting

#15 Run an internal quarterly earnings process

#16 Position the company to over-deliver on expectations


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