Should MicroCap Investment Firms Use Social Media?


Should MicroCap Investment Firms Use Social Media?

An article on looks at how investment firms use social media by exploring the social media strategy of a mid sized London-based investment firm called BlueBay Asset Management.

According to the article social media is viewed by the BlueBay team as a helpful asset, not only from a marketing aspect, but also as an investment-screening tool. Jayne Fieldhouse (head of communications and brand at BlueBay) says “Our investment team uses it to scan and follow policy makers or news flow,” she explains. “The team can digest information more quickly this way than with other traditional sources of news.

While BlueBird uses social media they avoid using social media to get involved in industry debates or elevate the profiles of key personnel (like their CEO). Fieldhouse says “BlueBay doesn’t have a star culture mentality,” and “depending on the subject. BlueBay doesn’t get heavily involved in industry debates. We’re a mid-sized firm so we tend to focus on talking about what we’re really good at than be part of a general debate.

According to a study by Peregrine Communications on how asset managers use social media to raise their brand profile, 80 percent of investment management firms have a Twitter handle, with 60 percent posting daily. Surprisingly, however, YouTube may be a better pick: although only 9 percent of asset managers post there weekly, the video-sharing platform displays the highest rate of audience engagement at 58 percent, compared with 23 percent for Twitter.


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