Upcoming MicroCap Event: The Rocky Mountain Microcap Conference

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Upcoming MicroCap Event: The Rocky Mountain Microcap Conference

We recently caught up with Dave Lavigne – Senior Analyst and Manager, Trickle Research LLC – to learn more about The Rocky Mountain Microcap Conference scheduled for September 25, 2017. Trickle Research co-hosting the event with GVC Capital. Q&A below.


When and where is the The Rocky Mountain Microcap Conference held? How did you decide on that location?

Dave Lavigne: “Coors Field. We have held investor conferences there in the past under other labels. We think it’s a bit more unique approach. Once the presentations are finished, we move to the baseball suites where attendees and issuers can talk one-on-one in a relaxed/fun atmosphere.”


How would you best describe the event? 

Dave Lavigne: “Investor conference with company presentations and a “unique” networking/one-on-one opportunity”


Who hosts the event? Any interesting sponsors?

Dave Lavigne: “GVC and Trickle Research are the hosts. Our main sponsor is Ibex Investors (formerly Lazarus Management Co). Ibex is “a US-based investment firm targeting outsized returns through niche, non-correlated, differentiated strategies. They proactively seek out markets and opportunities commonly dismissed as too difficult or too different. Located in Denver, New York, and San Francisco, they pride ourselves on finding the hidden gems often overlooked by others. Their focus areas currently include International (Israel), Quantitative (Behavioral Finance), Thematic (Driverless Cars), and Segmented (Microcaps) strategies”.”


What is The Rocky Mountain Microcap Conference’s history?

Dave Lavigne: “This is our inaugural event, but I have been hosting/providing microcap investor conferences under a handful of research labels since 2002.”


How many attendees do you expect at this event?

Dave Lavigne: “We will have 13 presenting companies, all of which are small and public. We use a single track system so all presentations are done in front of all of the attendees. Our attendees are a mix of institutions with an interest in micro caps, family offices and individual investors, most of whom are accredited.”


Who should attend and why?

Dave Lavigne: “We generally solicit attendees by individual invitation or referral. So then, many (but not all) of our attendees are research subscribers of mine, and/or clients of GVC.”


What size and type of MicroCap public companies should attend? How do they qualify/present?

Dave Lavigne: “As a provider of independent microcap research and GVC as a banker in the same space, we see quite a lot of deal flow. We use those platforms to identify potential presenters that we think represent compelling ideas for our attendees.”


Attendance for The Rocky Mountain Microcap Conference by invitation only. For more info, contact Dave Lavigne: Dave [at] TrickleResearch.com



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