Upcoming MicroCap Event: 1st Annual Uppie Awards

1st Annual Uppie Awards

Upcoming MicroCap Event: 1st Annual Uppie Awards

We recently caught up with Brittney Lewellen – IR Services Managing Partner at UPTICK Newswire– to learn more about the 1st Annual Uppie Awards.

The 1st Annual Uppie Awards are scheduled for November 3, 2017 in Las Vegas.

Q&A with Brittney Lewellen below.



What are the Uppie Awards?

Brittney Lewellen: “The Uppie Awards is the recognition of the most prestigious micro-cap and nano-cap companies in the publicly traded market that have conducted or provided a great service or accomplishment to their industry.”


Where & when is the event held?

Brittney Lewellen: “The event is going to be held on November 3rd at the beautiful Flamingo in Las Vegas NV”


How do the Uppie awards compare to other microcap events and conferences?

Brittney Lewellen: “The Uppie Awards is a completely different ball game for the publicly traded market. Not only are we recognizing a large handful of the penny stock world, which has never been done before, but we are recognizing some of the top companies within their industries that have achieved some of the most outstanding accomplishments within their industries! Some are medical marvels, some have technologies never seen in the penny stock market and that is why they are being recognized because who else is going to?”


Why did you create the Uppie Awards?

Brittney Lewellen: “The Uppie Awards was created to show the companies within these industries that they are heard, they are recognized, they are seen for what they truly are and that is changing the game in the market and that is bringing a difference to the penny stock world and to their industry.”


What’s the events history?

Brittney Lewellen: “This is the first annual Uppie Awards Show that we have put together. This is not going to be the one and only we are going to do this yearly to make sure the US and the world know that there are great penny stocks out there and that it is not a waste of investment if you know what you are looking at and you invest smart.”


Who hosts the event?

Brittney Lewellen: “Uptick Newswire, LLC is hosting the event”


Any interesting sponsors?

Brittney Lewellen: “We have our close personal partners over at Investors Hangout who have sponsored us from the start of the Uptick Network and who have helped push us out to a broader spectrum of the investor community.”


How many attendees do you expect?

Brittney Lewellen: “Numbers at the moment I wouldn’t be able to say, each week we have new signups for the event not only CEO’s attending but investors, capital companies that are signing on but if you want to keep an eye on this number visit the site at uppie.upticknewswire.com


What size/types of companies will be there?

Brittney Lewellen: “All different types of micro-cap, nano-cap and penny stocks will be there ranging from a Market Cap of 10,000 to 100 million so the big and the small. We have a wide range of attendees from life changing sensor technology from Felxpoint (FLXT) moving to bioscience changing the game with unique pressure cycling technology from Pressure Bioscience (PBIO) and the revolutionizing, market disruptor in the technology and science industry from BioLargo (BLGO) and don’t forget the recognition of the fastest growing industry on the market, Cannabis. All great companies and all are being recognized for their great accomplishments that have never been seen before in the micro-cap area of the market.”


Who should attend and why?

Brittney Lewellen: “You should attend if you have a unique product unlike any other, if you have current revenues, and if your company, your product is changing your industry with a dramatic impact, Uptick wants to hear from you. Even if your product is starting out, a work in progress or an idea still on its way to success you can still join! Even if you are not nominated for an award Uptick and the joining investors want to see you here at the Uppie Awards to give you an opportunity to get your micro-cap company out to the thousands and maybe even an investment If the pitch is right. It’s not just an Awards Show it is an opportunity to be heard.”


Who qualifies to attend?

Brittney Lewellen: “If you are a publicly traded company with a Market Cap between 10,000 and 100 Million you are able to attend and that’s a big bracket because Uptick doesn’t just look at the big players because big players don’t always have it all sometimes it’s the little guys that come out on top.”


How much does it cost?

Brittney Lewellen: “The cost to attend both events with Uptick is only $795.00. This gets you into the Mixer Meet and Greet with all of the attending CEO’s, the investors, the hedge funds and the capital companies for the pre-award show fun that you will not want to miss. That also gets you into the Awards Show with over 40+ nominees and 15 awards to hand out and maybe an extra here or there to give out that will not be mentioned in the recent press releases.”


Is there a deadline to register?

Brittney Lewellen: “In all honesty the deadline is ASAP, this event is coming up fast and mid October is when everything is going to be pinned down and locked in. Tickets are almost out and we need to make sure there is room for all at the event so book as soon as possible because here very soon we will be turning people away.”


Anything else our readers should know?

Brittney Lewellen: “Uptick Newswire is here for all companies that have the ambition and the drive to want their products to succeed and we want to make sure that those companies are heard. I think the players that will be here are going to spike in the industry and we are super excited to be hosting the Uppie Awards for 2017. This event will be the biggest event in the history of the micro-cap world and you do not want to miss out on the great time and the companies that will be attending.”


Click this link to learn more about the 1st Annual Uppie Awards.





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