Three Tips For MicroCap CEOs Who Are Bad With PR


Three Tips For MicroCap CEOs Who Are Bad With PR

Filomena Fanelli, CEO/founder of Impact PR & Communications, shared a post on titled “My CEO/Spokesperson Isn’t Interview Material…Now What?

In here post, Fanelli shares three tips for CEOs who are bad with public relations.

1. Avoid Unscripted Moments – Reporters often appreciate receiving submitted quotes, statements and even well-written, comprehensive press releases that they can easily tweak into stories. Likewise, publications are constantly seeking content, especially from experts in a field. So, don’t hesitate to submit Op-Eds and bylined articles by your spokesperson.

2. Coach Your CEO – Research detailed talking points on the possible interview topic for your CEO, and then spend time going through the talking points together, privately. Reporters will often give you the questions in advance, if you ask. Brainstorm any other possible questions the CEO might be asked and talk through scenarios with them.

3. Seek an Alternate Spokesperson – Sometimes the best spokesperson for a topic is not the obvious choice or the person with “the title.”


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