Upcoming MicroCap Event: The Wall Street Investor Forum

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Upcoming MicroCap Event: The Wall Street Investor Forum

We recently caught up with Gerald Scott – President of The Wall Street Investor Forum, Inc. – to learn more about the 26th Annual Wall Street Investor Forum scheduled for March 22-23. Q&A below.

**UPDATE: This event has been rescheduled from February 27-28 to March 22-23.**


What is the history of the Wall Street Investor Forum?

Gerald Scott: “This is our 26th annual conference, 85 conferences overall in NYC, Boston and London. We and Smith Barney then Taglich were the first in the early 90’s to target the small/microcap space. Having said that Microsoft, General Electric, America Online, Unilever and Pfizer also presented.”


What is your role at the event?

Gerald Scott: “I will host one of the three daily industry groups. There are ten companies in each industry group.”


Where is the event held?

Gerald Scott:  “The event is held at the University Club of New York on 5th avenue and 54th street.”


How would you best describe the event? 

Gerald Scott:  “Longer 40 minute presentation and Q/A sessions. Longer 40 minute break out sessions. Webcasting of meetings. There is a lunch and a breakfast. One keynote speaker will be chief investment strategist from the sell side.

This is our 26th annual conference, we took one year in 2016 off. We are seeking 60 microcap/small cap presenters over two days and 450 investors over two days. In 1998 we were the first conference our meetings, one year before the investment banks.”


Where can our readers register? Is there a cost to attend? 

Gerald Scott: “Presenters and attendees register on our website. Presenters pay a $4,975 fee. We will announce a sponsor soon. Professional investors attend for free. We don’t like salespeople coming. We invite institutional investors, sell side analysts, home offices, registered investment advisors etc…my number is 802-585-9006 gscott@investor-conference.com.”




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