SmallCap CEO Investor Relations Lessons

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SmallCap CEO Investor Relations Lessons

Recently, someone shared a number of great (but old) blog posts from with us. While many of these posts are over five years old, a lot of the content is still very relevant for microcap and small cap management teams.

Below are some of our favorite posts from AGORACOM Founder, George Tsiolis’ Small-Cap CEO Lessons.

Small-Cap CEO Lesson: “Fast Beats Big” – Rupert Murdoch

5 Reasons Why You Have To Hang Up The Phone For Good and Connect With Investors Online

Why Aren’t You Talking To Your Shareholders?

So You Think You Can Handle Small Cap Online Investor Relations On Your Own?

Small-Cap CEO Lesson: You Are Not Berkshire Hathaway, So Write Better Headlines For Your Press Releases

Small-Cap CEO Lesson: The 8 Best Investor Relations Practices During Market Turmoil

Small-Cap CEO Lesson – Why You MUST Issue Press Releases By 8:30 AM EST


In the coming weeks we will share closer looks at these posts and their relevance to microcap professionals in 2017.



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