How To Write A MicroCap Funding Round Press Release


How To Write A MicroCap Funding Round Press Release

A recent post on TechCrunch looked at “How to announce a funding round” with a focus on venture capital funding. Many of the principals discussed can be applied to microcap funding rounds.

The author shared standard components to any funding round press release.

The author, Tiffany Spencer of Bessemer Venture Partners says “Not every funding announcement is the same, but standard components include:

– The news + the facts:

Who raised? How much? Who are the investors? Which investor led the round? What stage is the company?

Mention any investors that invested in earlier rounds. It signals an ongoing relationship and continued confidence.

Call out any investors who are joining the board.

– Background on the company:

What does the company do? Who is the founding team? How will the money be used (new hires, development, etc.)?

– Validation from the investors:

A quote from the investor(s) is an expert endorsement. Typically, the investor speaks to the reason for investment. This may include the executive team’s capabilities, why the company is exciting, or momentum in the market. In rounds with multiple investors, the lead investor is given priority and is often the only investor quoted.

– Quote from the founder or CEO

– Company boilerplate


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