Common Negative Misconceptions About Being A Public Company


Common Negative Misconceptions About Being A Public Company

Rob Bernshteyn – CEO of Coupa (NASDAQ: COUP) – shared a post on Fortune titled “Forget Snapchat and Blue Apron—Here’s Why Going Public Is Still a Good Idea.

Bernshteyn says that going public was absolutely worth it and shares some common negative misconceptions about being a public company;

Opening Your Financials To The World Is Bad – According to Bernshteyn “Being public forces us to open up our financials for everyone to see—prospective customers, shareholders, employees, partners, and yes, even competitors. Transparency is a good thing. Embracing this transparency and authenticity, rather than feeling fiscally constrained, yields an extraordinary level of openness and trust with prospective customers.

Quarterly Earnings Are Bad For Companies – According to Bernshteyn “Take the quarterly reporting of company earnings. I have found this to be a positive thing for our company. It provides a structure, rhythm, and cadence to the ongoing task of monitoring the pulse of the business. I want the level of organization, teamwork, and attention to detail that quarterly reporting demands.

Being Public Increase Management Pressure – According to Bernshteyn “There’s a common perception that once you go public, the stakes are higher and therefore the pressure intensifies. I don’t see it that way. As a startup, we made a commitment to a small group of investors to do certain things and run the business in certain ways. As we grew, we made more, similar commitments to a bigger group of investors.

Public Company Missteps Get More Attention – According to Bernshteyn “As a public company, you might worry that any missteps will attract a lot of negative attention. And that’s true: If you stumble, it will definitely be more public. But anybody who’s built a company to the point where it could go public has openly stumbled many times, overcome setbacks, and survived.


Bernshteyn concludes that “going public brings a new level of responsibility and stakes to your business. But if you’re ready to push your company to achieve its full potential, an IPO might be your best option.”


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