Upcoming MicroCap Event: LD Micro Main Event X

LD MicroME

We recently caught up with Chris Lahiji, Master of Ceremonies of the LD Micro Main Event X, to learn more about his Los Angeles event planed for December 4th -7th.

Lahiji, a well known figure in the microcap space (perhaps best known for his lighthearted sense of humor) filled us in on the 10th annual LD Micro Main Event below.


Where will the LD Micro Main Event be held this year? How did you decide on that location?

Chris Lahiji: “Luxe Sunset Bel Air in Los Angeles. It was quite easy. We did not want to do it at the Omni anymore.”


How would you best describe the event? 

Chris Lahiji: “Presentations, panels, and private meetings.”


Who hosts the event? Any interesting sponsors?

Chris Lahiji: “We host. We will have close to 100 sponsors this year. Still waiting for Taco Bell to become the official food sponsor.”


Any panels or keynotes planned?

Chris Lahiji: “Yes. We will have 10 to 15 speakers and panels this year.”


What is the event’s history?

Chris Lahiji: “First event was in April of 2008. This will be our 10th year. I do it because people enjoy coming.”


How many attendees do you expect at this event? 

Chris Lahiji: “250 Companies, 500+ Investors, 1,000 plus attendees”


Who should attend and why?

Chris Lahiji: “Industry leaders should attend. Because the smaller a company is, the more important management becomes. You can meet 250+ management teams at the event.”


What size and type of MicroCap public companies should attend? How do they qualify/present?

Chris Lahiji: “$30 million to $300 million is our sweet spot. They connect with us, and we see if they are a fit.”


Is there a deadline to register?

Chris Lahiji: “Black Friday.”


How much does it cost to attend?

Chris Lahiji: “$5,500 if approved.”


Anything else potential attendees should know?

Chris Lahiji: “I am still in ownership of a missing shoe. For the love of God, will the rightful owner please step forward and collect their belongings. Thank you.

I’ve only kept it because it is a nice shoe. Could not have been worn more than 2 or 3 times.”


Click this link to learn more about the LD Micro Main Event X.




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