4 Myths About Online MicroCap Investor Communications


4 Myths About Online MicroCap Investor Communications

In a recent post we shared a list of some of our favorite (but old) blog posts from agoracom.com. Today we take a closer look at one of AGORACOM Founder, George Tsiolis’ Small-Cap CEO Lessons – Why Aren’t You Talking To Your Shareholders (online)?

Tsiolis writes, “I believe the majority of online IR fear is based on 4 myths that are not only untrue but crippling your ability to take your company to the next step.”

1. Too many online investors are crazy, loose cannons – According to Tsiolis, online investors are better than the average investor because “they conduct their own online research, they ask great questions and they collaborate with fellow investors far better than any offline investors.”

2. Any public criticism will hurt me, so I don’t want to encourage it by providing a public venue – All public companies have weaknesses and those weaknesses are often discussed online. Ignoring those conversations allows others to control the message and perpetuate the conversation.

3. I’m not allowed to communicate over the web – Today, almost every public company uses some form of online communication. Your only obligations are to publicly disclose a shareholder community and give all shareholders equal access to it.

4. I am exposing myself to increased liability – According to Tsiolis, “You don’t have any more liability on the web than you do in phone conversations, e-mail exchanges, TV interviews and your booth at an investor conference. As long as you follow the rules of disclosure, you’re fine in any setting.”


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