Practical Advice For Writing A MicroCap Press Release Headline


Practical Advice For Writing A MicroCap Press Release Headline

In a recent post we shared a list of some of our favorite (but old) blog posts from Today we take a closer look at one of AGORACOM Founder, George Tsiolis’ Small-Cap CEO Lessons – You Are Not Berkshire Hathaway, So Write Better Headlines For Your Press Releases.

Tsiolis writes “Press releases are an important component of investor relations for any small-cap company … make them count.

He then looks at a standard earning press release which essentially says ‘The Company Has Released Earnings.’ For small public companies, the goal is to try to get investors to read your press release and blending in with all the other earnings releases doesn’t peak investor interest.

According to Tsiolis, small and micro-caps need to ‘tease’ readers with “some figures related to revenues, income, production, growth … anything to make investors” want to read, like and share your press release.

In short, if you aren’t a large company with an already existing following of investors and analysts, creative/interesting headlines are the key to getting people to read your press releases.


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