New Free E-Book Provides Thorough Overview of Small and MicroCap IR


New Free E-Book Provides Thorough Overview of Small and MicroCap IR

IR Magazine just released a new e-book, sponsored by OTC Markets, that provides a thorough overview of IR for smallcap companies.

Investor relations is often a new and confusing topic for small and microcap management teams. The free e-book covers many of the basics of small and microcap investor relations. Topics covered include;


​What you’re working with

​What the average small-cap IR department looks like
How it compares with the average large-cap team
Top challenges for a small-cap IR team

Small-cap IR 101

Starting with management: Small-cap IR by the C-suite
Hiring your first IRO
Balancing IR with another role
Making the most of your budget
Raising capital
Kick-starting your investor targeting program

The question of coverage

What the analyst universe looks like for a small-cap company
Considering company-sponsored research
Other ways to attract those first few analysts
Boosting your analyst numbers further

Getting your name out there

Making press releases work for you
Leveraging social media
Other ways to get your name known


What does small-cap spending on outsourcing look like?
Where a consultant can offer the biggest benefits
The pros and cons of a retainer
Choosing the right IR partner

Measuring & reporting your success

Are your IR efforts working?
How other teams measure their IR achievements


Download the free e-book for a Thorough Overview of Small and MicroCap IR HERE.




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