Chris Lahiji Shares an Update on The Cancelled LD Micro Main Event

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Chris Lahiji Shares an Update on The Cancelled LD Micro Main Event

Last week, the LD Micro Main Event was scheduled to take place in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, during that week, a number of wildfires were also spreading throughout southern California.

LD Micro is one of the largest and most highly anticipated microcap conference of the year. This was the 10th annual LD Micro Main Event.

The first two days of the event went on as scheduled, with masks being handed out to participants due to air quality concerns. In the early morning of day three, LD Micro announced that the final two days of the conference were cancelled due to fire and air quality concerns.

We managed to catch up with Chris Lahiji, President of LD Micro, to get an update on the cancelled LD Micro Main Event. Q&A below…


For those that don’t know, what happened? Why did you make the decision to cancel?

Chris Lahiji: “Bel Air was on fire. It was zeroing in on the hotel. We decided to cancel the event in the early morning. One look at the blaze, and I said “nope”.”


Is the LD team safe and out of harms way?

Chris Lahiji: “Yes. Thankfully. All patrons are safe and sound.”


How many 1-on-1’s did you get to in the first two days of the event?

Chris Lahiji: “3,300 meetings were scheduled which is insane. We did 1,444 on day one. Every record was expected to be broken.”


Will the event be rescheduled? Do you know when and where yet?

Chris Lahiji: “TBD. We have an idea, and the info will be out shortly.”


Will presenters, sponsors, etc. be refunded?

Chris Lahiji: “I will reach out to every company and sponsor in the coming weeks. Personally.”


Anything else readers should know?

Chris Lahiji: “Pray for those who are still battling the fires. Pray for those who are in danger of losing their homes. People have multiple ways to help, and I’m contributing as well.




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