Four SmallCap Investor Relations Tips

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Four SmallCap Investor Relations Tips

In September, IR Magazine held their first Small Cap Awards & Conference. In a recent blog post Ben Ashwell, Digital Editor of IR Magazine, shared four investor relations tips from the event.

1. Find your market – Small public companies should be realistic about their size and understand who their most likely investor targets are (small funds and retail investors, not large institutions)

2. Refine your message – Once a small-cap company has identified the right conferences to attend and investors to target, it is crucial for it to ensure it’s telling an enticing story.

3. Coach your management – Investor relations teams at small-cap companies have a particularly crucial role to play in preparing the C-suite, and especially the CEO, for life in the public markets.

4. Understand the sell side is changing – Small-cap coverage will decrease because equity research companies will look for higher-yield stocks, while other panelists said there will be fewer opportunities for small caps to appear at conferences.


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