SEC Suspends OTC Crypto Company



SEC Suspends OTC Crypto Company

Last week, the SEC temporarily suspended trading in shares of The Crypto Co. (OTC: CRCW) on concerns about “accuracy and adequacy” of information about the company.

According to CRCW press releases, the company “is one of the first publicly traded technology companies in the digital currencies and blockchain sector. The Crypto Company offers a portfolio of digital assets, technologies, and consulting services to the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets.

CRCW’s stock soared from $3.30 to $642 giving the company a market capitalization greater than $11 billion.

Recently, CRCW raised $7.7 million by issuing new shares at $7 apiece — a 97 per cent discount to the quoted market price at the time. The company also just announced a 10 for 1 split.


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