Be Your Own Stock Transfer Agent With Transfer Online SOLO



Hundreds of public and private companies rely on Transfer Online for stock transfer and other services. Transfer Online SOLO allows you to be your own stock transfer agent.

In a secure, easy to use, and compliant manner, users can issue electronic shares, options, notes and manage their shareholder records from anywhere.

With over 30 years in the transfer agent industry, Transfer Online have finally given users the tools necessary to do transfer agent services without the need of a full-service transfer agent. Transfer Online SOLO is the only software provider supported by a fully licensed and registered SEC agency.


Key Product Features of Transfer Online SOLO

Issue shares and documents electronically

Create detailed reports

Communicate with shareholders

Manage shares from one dashboard

Access Solo from anywhere

Live, U.S-based customer support

24/7 network monitoring

Full compliance with SEC and government regulations

Tested by outside security experts

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