Important Rules For ALL MicroCap Management Teams

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Important Rules For ALL MicroCap Management Teams

In a recent post on, Jeffrey Goldberger (KCSA Strategic Communications) shared “Top tips to reduce the micro-cap performance gap“.

In the post Goldberger shared these four important rules for all microcap management teams:

1. Embrace who you are – In many ways, microcap companies should not act like large and mega cap public companies. Microcap teams should embrace their unique characteristics and circumstances.

2. Don’t swim with the sharks – Microcap teams should be very careful to avoid unscrupulous microcap players (stock promoters, boiler-room brokers, predatory investment bankers and unscrupulous attorneys).

3. Manage your business, not your stock – Microcap management teams can become overly focused on their stock price when they should be focused on business success. Teams should focus on their business and can expect stock performance to follow.

4. Raise capital before you become hat-in-hand – For many microcap public companies, outside funding is required. Teams should be sure to plan capital raises far in advance to maximize the value and success of a raise.


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