Upcoming MicroCap Event: The MicroCap Conference NYC

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Upcoming MicroCap Event: The MicroCap Conference NYC

We recently caught up with Tony Yu to discuss The MicroCap Conference planned for April 9th & 10th in New York City.

Q&A below:


When and where is The MicroCap Conference held? How did you decide on that location?

Tony Yu: “NYC, Essex House, April 9th & 10th. Majority of investors we invite are located on the East coast so it makes the most sense to host them in a centralized location.”


How would you best describe the event?

Tony Yu: “2 days of high level networking events, including 1-on-1s, company presentations, cocktail hours and a VIP room, select sector-specific panels w/ keynote speakers.”


Who hosts The MicroCap Conference? Any interesting sponsors?

Tony Yu: “Us- we’re an independent investor conference, not a financial institution, bank, law firm, etc. Sponsors TBD.”


What is the event’s history?

Tony Yu: “This April conference will be the 7th and largest in our history. 1st conference was <30 companies and now we’re aiming for 120+. Our goal when we started and continuing through now is to provide the best investor conference possible- greatly devoid of service providers- so that companies have a greater opportunity to have a meaningful experience.”


How many attendees do you expect?

Tony Yu: “120+ microcap companies with up to 3 representatives and 600+ investors, so probably in the ballpark of 800-1000 people.”


Who should attend and why?

Tony Yu: “Publicly traded companies with a market cap under $1B who are interested in gaining new investor interest and sharing their company’s story, or those who are interested in making new connections through the various networking platforms we provide.”

What types of companies qualify to present?

Tony Yu: “Publicly traded companies with a market cap under $1B qualify, and we are not sector specific. We have a diverse investor base whose interests cover multiple sectors.”


How do potential attendees register?

Tony Yu: “Visit microcapconf.com and click “register””


Is there a deadline to register?

Tony Yu: “There’s not a specific deadline, however we expect to be at capacity for attending companies by mid March.”


How much does it cost to attend?

Tony Yu: “The standard package to attend is $5000. We also offer a premium package to companies who are interested. Qualified investors attend for free.”


Anything else potential attendees should know?

Tony Yu: “We’ve been told we’re the premier investor conference in NYC and believe that there is great ROI in attending as we can see from the amount of returning companies. We’d love to talk to any company who is considering the conference.”



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