Do You Know About A Small Cap Company’s Most Underappreciated Secret Weapon?


Do You Know About A Small Cap Company’s Most Underappreciated Secret Weapon?

In a recent post on, Gregg Castano writes about “Public Relations: The Small Cap Company’s Underappreciated Secret Weapon.

Castano writes that positive perception of a company by the broader public, as a result of public relations, can result in at least four favorable outcomes:

1. lower cost of capital,

2. an ability to attract new investors,

3. increased market capitalization, and

4. stronger resistance to volatility.


With these outcomes in mind, it’s difficult to understand why so few small and microcap public companies use public relations to their advantage.

Castano speculates that smallcaps might not leverage PR for a few reasons;

– Cost Benefit. SmallCap management teams might not recognize the the cost-benefit of public relations.

– Perception Problem. Many smallcap CEO’s consider public relations as an unnecessary, even trivial, luxury, if they even consider it at all.

– Semantics. Castano says that “The purpose of public relations at its core is reputation management.” Perhaps is characterized in this manner instead of “PR”, smallcap teams would better understand the relevance to their businesses.


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