2017 OTCQB Review

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2017 OTCQB Review

OTC Markets Group recently published their 2017 Market Review. The review shared some interesting statistics about the OTCQB Venture Market.

Many OTCQB companies have audited financials and use the Alternative Reporting disclosure guidelines as an efficient way to provide timely information. Beginning in 2017, companies following the Alternative Reporting Standard are eligible to qualify for OTCQB. The new rules enable these companies to raise their profile among the investor and broker-dealer communities, access greater liquidity and trade on an established public market.

An overview of the OTCQB in 2017 below:

– 998 Issuers were listed on the OTCQB in 2017.

– Over 300 issuers were added to the OTCQB in 2017, 261 of which uplisted from the OTCPINK.

– The total market cap of QB issuers was $64.99 bn with a median market cap of $15 million.

– Annual dollar volume of all OTCQB issuers was $22.7 billion.

– Approximately 50% of QB issuers have Market values of less than $25M


For more, view the OTC Markets Group 2017 Market Review.







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