Why Companies Choose MZ North America for SmallCap & MicroCap Investor Relations

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Why Companies Choose MZ North America for SmallCap & MicroCap Investor Relations

We recently connected with Ted Haberfield, President of MZ North America, to discuss why companies choose MZ North America for SmallCap & MicroCap investor relations.

MZ North America is the currently the Official Investor Relations Firm of PubCoCEO.com. Named our Official Founding Investor Relations Firm in 2017, MZ was also an early supporter of PubCoCEO™ and our mission to support small public companies.


Q&A with Ted Haberfield below.


For those that don’t know, what does MZ North America do?

Ted Haberfield: “MZ North America is the US division of MZ Group, a multinational company and the world’s largest independent investor relations and corporate communications firm with over 300 professionals serving 530 clients in 11 countries. At MZ North America, we currently serve approximately 25 public companies representing several industries and sectors. We are the only IR firm to provide a true “One Stop Shop” solution.”


Why do management teams choose MZ over similar companies?

Ted Haberfield: “Management teams tend to choose MZ for SmallCap & MicroCap Investor Relations for three reasons; 1. our experience, 2. our global foot print, and 3. our “one stop shop” solution.”


MZ has been working with public companies for a long time. What is your background and how do your experiences help the companies you work with?

Ted Haberfield: “Our primary account team has a minimum of 100 years of collective industry and Wall Street experience. All senior executives have the ability to provide experienced public market insight and advice. Public market experience includes investor relations, banking, brokerage and equity analysis, which allows us to provide our clients with timely analysis on current market perception and valuations as they assess perspective capital raises and acquisitions. Armed with the proper resources, we assist our client companies to successfully navigate the public markets and make the most out of their respective opportunities.”


What is the biggest problem that MZ helps small cap teams solve?

Ted Haberfield: “We ensure that our clients are effective communicators who correctly set and manage investor expectation. We act as a premier informational resource for institutional investors, brokers, analysts and private investors, which enables us to help diversify our clients’ shareholder base.”


What are some past successes?

Ted Haberfield: “Our website has an extensive library of case studies and testimonials from clients trading on the NYSE, Nasdaq, TSX, and OTC Markets. One recent success that comes to mind is eXp World Holdings (OTCQB: EXPI). EXPI engaged MZ in December 2016 to assist the Company with all aspects of corporate communications amongst current and prospective investors, while enhancing awareness of the Company within the capital markets. The stock was thinly traded, relatively unknown and had trouble attracting institutional investors. MZ’s investor relations program began with introducing the story to high net worth investors seeking micro-cap ideas under the radar, select retail investors, and small institutional sector specific funds capable of buying stock in the open market. The company also attended its first true investor conferences, having attended several top-tier microcap investor conferences since engagement. By February of 2018, EXPI shares had risen 212% to $12.50 with liquidity up over 1,328% from a 30 day average volume of 8.9K shares/day to 127.1K shares/day”


Anything else our readers should know?

Ted Haberfield: “We measure our success by our clients’ results. As a pioneer in providing full service IR for micro and small cap US listed companies, we work closely with management to establish an effective and targeted shareholder outreach campaign.

If you represent a US listed small cap company seeking to establish an effective and targeted shareholder outreach campaign, please contact Ted Haberfield at 760-755-2716 or thaberfield@mzgroup.us



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