Upcoming MicroCap Event: Jumpstart Innovation & Investment (JumpIN)

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Upcoming MicroCap Event: Jumpstart Innovation & Investment (JumpIN)

We recently caught up with Sam Kotch of Acquis Capital to discuss Jumpstart Innovation & Investment (JumpIN), an event Acquis Capital is co-hosting on April 10th in New York City.

This event is a followup to February’s sold-out JumpIN dinner at the Penn Club.

Q&A below:


When and where is the event held? How did you decide on that location?

Sam Kotch: “The next JumpIN event will be held at the Penn Club of New York on April 10th, 2018. The location provides an exclusive venue in the heart of Manhattan where investors and entrepreneurs can connect on a personal level.”


You hosted a similar event in February. How was the JumpIN event in February received?

Sam Kotch: “The February JumpIN dinner was very well received by both investors and company participants. With about 100 investors and eight presenting companies, the evening was completely sold-out. Investors included a diverse group of prestigious angels groups, family offices, and venture capitalists in addition to a large group of individual high net worth investors. Companies ranged from pre-revenue ICOs to a Nasdaq listed company generating $30 million in annual revenues.”

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Investors Watching Presentations at the Penn Club For JumpIN – February 6th, 2018


How would you best describe the event?

Sam Kotch: “This year we will host a series of events across the country. Each event will feature 5-20 presenting companies and 50-250 pre-screened accredited investors and deal-oriented funds. The April 10th Jumpstart Innovation & Investment dinner will host about 100 investors and 8 presenting companies for a full dinner, cocktails, and networking.”


Who hosts the event? Any interesting sponsors?

Sam Kotch: “Acquis Capital is hosting the event. Acquis Capital is an active investor focusing on growth, acquisition, and project funding.

We don’t have any service provider sponsors. JumpIN focuses on connecting growth companies with investors compared to traditional investor conference that usually end up connecting service provider sponsors with new clients.”


Any panels or keynotes planned?

Sam Kotch: “There are no panels, keynotes or other speakers to distract from deal-making. The only speakers are companies presenting to the entire room of investors.”


How many attendees do you expect?

Sam Kotch: “We expect to have about 100 investors and 8 presenting companies. This will be an intimate event where all participants can connect on a personal level over dinner and cocktails.”


Who should attend JumpIN and why?

Sam Kotch: “Growth companies that are actively seeking funding of $500k to $50 million and accredited investors or fund managers that are looking for exciting investment opportunities.”


What size and type of MicroCap public companies should attend? 

Sam Kotch: “MicroCap companies with experienced management teams , a clear growth strategy and actively raising $500 thousand to $30 million should certainly consider attending.”


How do potential attendees register?

Sam Kotch: “The event is by invitation-only but we are always looking to expand our network of qualified growth companies and investors. To see if you qualify, please email me at samkotch [at] acquiscapital.com


Anything else potential attendees should know?

Sam Kotch: “Space at the Penn Club is limited and we are quickly approaching our attendance limit. We are expecting a great group of mostly individual accredited investors and small family offices in addition to some very exciting growth companies. If you would like to attend as an investor or presenter, please email me as soon as possible (samkotch [at] acquiscapital.com).”


Learn more at www.JumpstartInvestment.com



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