One Week Away – JumpIN Dinner Will Connect Eight Companies With 100 Investors


One Week Away – JumpIN Dinner Will Connect Eight Companies With 100 Investors

In one week (April 10th), Jumpstart Innovation & Investment (JumpIN) will host over 100 investors and eight presenting companies for dinner in New York City. We caught up with Sam Kotch to get some last minute insights.

Q&A below.


We interviewed you a few weeks ago about the event. Can you quickly remind our readers what JumpIN is?

Sam Kotch: “JumpIN, or Jumpstart Innovation & Investment, connects growth companies with a diverse group of pre-screened investors. Companies present to the entire room of investors and then connect with those investors on a personal level over dinner and cocktails.

On April 10th, we will host 100 investors and eight presenting companies at the Penn Club of New York for presentations, dinner, and cocktail networking.”


How many attendees are registered?

Sam Kotch: “We currently have over 100 funding sources and seven presenting companies registered to participate on April 10th. Investors include members of New York’s most active angel groups, family offices, venture capital firms, private equity firms, hedge funds, and more. The presenters are primarily  post-revenue growth stage companies seeking $1 million to $10 million in funding.”


Can our readers still register? Who should register?

Sam Kotch: “Yes. We have one presenter slot and a handful of investor seats open for highly qualified attendees. To register, please email me ( as soon as possible.”


Who is sponsoring Jumpstart Innovation & Investment?

Sam Kotch: “JumpIN is sponsored by Acquis Capital. Acquis is a direct investor focusing on acquisitions and special project financing.  We don’t have any traditional service provider sponsors. Our goal is to keep the event free of service providers while maintaining a ratio of one presenter for every ten investors in attendance.”


Any interesting panels, pitches, or opportunities on the agenda that readers should know about?

Sam Kotch: “We will have eight very interesting growth companies presenting to the entire group. In an effort to keep the focus on presenting companies, we do not have any traditional panels or key notes planned.”


Anything else our readers should know?

Sam Kotch: “We are nearly at full capacity for the April 10th JumpIN Dinner. We expect a great evening with high quality company presentations and a very active group of direct investors. If you are interested in taking the final April 10th presenter slot, or attending as an investors, please email me ( to see if you qualify.

Please also note that the Penn Club is a private club. Attendance is by invitation only and all attendees must be registered in advance to participate.


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