Jagalee Is The Architect For Your Next Digital Project


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Jagalee Is The Architect For Your Next Digital Project

Jagalee’s Digital Architects incubate and accelerate platform and customer environment development to set your business apart.

Based in Portland, Jagalee is the image consulting and coding development arm of Transfer Online, a full service transfer agent, alongside the Financial Integration solution gurus of Stock Offering Solutions and Transfer Online: SOLO, their self-service online transfer agent platform for small and growing businesses. This team of industry professionals offers bespoke, tailored solutions to whatever you need to take your business to the next level.

Jagalee delivers solutions in coding customization, e-commerce, digital strategy consulting, and branding & design. Leave it to Jagalee’s digital architects to build your website, develop a Content Management System, or build an app — there’s no limit to what Jagalee can create.

Jagalee’s four step process is all encompassing.

1. Define –  a small group of Jagalee’s creative architects and strategists join forces with you to lay out a unique blueprint of goals and discuss what tools or techniques might best bring them to life.

2. Design – Jagalee lays out the structures needed to reach your goals.

3. Develop – with designs approved, Jagalee’s expert developers build your digital experience, tracking each step as they go.

4. Deploy – with user acceptance testing and server deployment, Jagalee is the rocket fuel to launch your next idea. Their digital architects are on-site and ready for action for fine-tuning and maintenance.


As Transfer Online‘s development arm, Jagalee understands small public companies and those that work with them.  These special insights, along with their digital expertise, make Jagalee the perfect architect for your next digital project. Contact them if you have capital finance, concept development, or digital solutions on your mind.


Learn more at http://jagalee.com/




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