Expert Shares Thoughts on Reverse Mergers With Crypto Companies

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Expert Shares Thoughts on Reverse Mergers With Crypto Companies

John Lowy of Olympic Capital Group, Inc. often shares featured articles on reverse mergers in the magazine MicroCap Review. In the Spring 2018 Issue of MicroCap Review, Lowy shared an article titled “Reverse Mergers with Crypto Companies–A Craze or Crazy!

Lowy shares some tips for those considering reverse merging with a crypto company

–  publish continual and—above all—accurate—information about the company.

–  file all SEC reports on a timely basis.

– avoid the “pump” part of pump and dump, and don’t even think about being involved with the “dump” part of pump and dump.

– hire experienced Investor Relations people.

– All public announcements should be reviewed by outside counsel, and, if appropriate, by the company’s auditor.

Lowy concludes that “For me, the bottom line is that if the public company is looking for a good private company with which to reverse merge, and assuming that the private crypto company has a viable business—not just an unsupported story—experienced management, a reputable PCAOB-registered auditor, and observes the do’s and don’ts noted in this article (and probably others), then the newly-public crypto company should be on the way toward being a successful public company.


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