Upcoming MicroCap Event: LD Micro Invitational

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Upcoming MicroCap Event: LD Micro Invitational

We recently caught up with Chris Lahiji, Master of Ceremonies of the 8th Annual LD Micro Invitational, to learn more about his event planed for June 4-6 in Bel-Air, CA.

Lahiji, a well known figure in the microcap space (perhaps best known for his lighthearted sense of humor) filled us in on the Invitational below.


When is the event held? How did you decide on that location?

Chris Lahiji: “June 4-6. It is nice.”


Who hosts the event? Any interesting sponsors?

Chris Lahiji: “I do. We have 80+ sponsors.”


Any panels or keynotes planned?

Chris Lahiji: “No”


Why do you host the these events?

Chris Lahiji: “I am passionate about small company investing. This is why I do it.”


How many attendees do you expect at this event?

Chris Lahiji: “Over 1,000”


Who should attend and why?

Chris Lahiji: “Those who are legit investors that want to see good ideas present.”


What type of MicroCap public companies should attend?

Chris Lahiji: “Those who believe they have a great story to tell.”


How do potential attendees register?

Chris Lahiji: “Ping us.”


Is there a deadline to register?

Chris Lahiji: “May 30th”


Anything else potential attendees should know?

Chris Lahiji: “We still have not found the person with the missing shoe.”


Learn more at: https://www.ldmicro.com/events


Editor’s Note: Will the owner of the missing shoe please claim it or deliver the other shoe to Chris!




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