Jumpstart Your Fundraising With JumpIN



Jumpstart Your Fundraising With JumpIN

Jumpstart Innovation & Investment, or JumpIN, is one of the most efficient capital raising platform for public and private companies raising $1 to $20 million.

JumpIN’s super powerful in person platform allows companies to build personal connections with over 100 serious direct investors through bi-quarterly investor dinners at exclusive venues.

These investor dinners are usually attended by over 100 active direct investors and up to eight companies that are raising capital. The ratio of 10 investors for every 1 company is one of the best in the industry.

Participation is only open to pre-screened investors and a select group of companies raising capital (no service providers, sponsors,or ‘expert’ panels) making every second of JumpIN focused on fundraising.

On June 19th, JumpIN will be hosting their third investor dinner of 2018 in New York City. Over 100 investors are already registered to participate. Participating investors include; members of nearly all of NYC’s most prestigious angel groups, dozens of ultra-high net worth individuals, nearly 25 well-known venture firms, and more.

Because many of the investor participants are industry agnostic, past company participants have covered a wide range of sizes and industries. In 2018, JumpIN hosted a Nasdaq listed company raising $20 million, a $10 million Reg A+, multiple OTC listed issuers, and about a dozen private companies raising $1 to $5 million.

Learn more about JumpIN at www.Jumpstartinvestment.com or contact Sam@jumpstartinvestment.com


Check out this video from April’s JumpIN to get a feel for how JumpIN can help you jumpstart your fundraising:



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