MicroCap Public Companies Are Saving on State Fees by Re-Domiciling to Wyoming



Small public companies can pay as much as $10,000 in annual state fees depending on where they are domiciled.

While some companies continue to pay thousands, savvy microcap management teams have been re-domiciling to states like Wyoming in an effort to cut costs. By re-domiciling, microcap companies can save thousands. For example, in Wyoming, the annual state fee is only $50 and that amount doesn’t change.

Sara Moore, of NPC World Services, has recently helped multiple small public companies re-domicile and save money.

Moore says, “As long as you work with an experienced professional, it’s pretty easy to re-domicile a small public company. We have seen a growing trend of micro and nanocap companies, especially those on the OTC PINK, re-domiciling to states like Wyoming to save thousands in state fees.

Not only is NPC the preeminent expert in re-domiciling small public companies but they also support small public companies with a number of other specialized services.

Other specialized services NPC provides to micro and nano-cap public companies include; registered agent services in Nevada, Texas, and Wyoming, bookkeeping, financial statement prep, OTC disclosure document prep, and tax return prep for non-reporting companies.

Learn more at http://npcworld.com/ or contact Sara at sara@npcworld.com.



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