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A Capital Raising Platform For SmallCap Companies Built On Experience

From Reg A+ IPOs to Private placements, smallcap companies are using Stock Offering Solutions (SOS) to easily 1. create document management and database solutions, 2. open an escrow, and 3. implement dynamic programming solutions.

Whether you’re gauging investor interest by Testing the Waters or raising capital or issuing shares to investors, SOS makes the process of managing documents simple at all stages. SOS helps you build tools to manage the entire capital raise process from an online dashboard with customizable solutions to get the job done.

Bryan Cochran, Product Director at Stock Offering Solutions says, “Small public companies choose SOS because it’s a fully integrated easy to use platform, with high level of security, built on our team’s extensive experience working with small public companies.”

SOS is built on SOS founder Lori Livingston’s 30+ years of experience in the financial services industry. Lori reinvented the stock transfer industry when she founded Transfer Online, the first SEC-registered transfer agent to take stock transfer services online. Now, SOS gives issuers the capital raising management tools that Lori and her team have spent years perfecting.

The SOS team has worked with hundreds of clients to manage documents, create systems to help you manage compliance protocols, and generate powerful spreadsheets to analyze data. Experience makes Stock Offering Solutions the ideal capital raising platform for smallcap companies and private issuers.

If you need a cost effective way to manage a capital raise, contact Stock Offering Solutions today.




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