What Makes The SmallCap Investor Relations Landscape Unique?

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What Makes The SmallCap Investor Relations Landscape Unique?

This summer, IR Magazine caught up with Rob Kosowsky, senior analyst and assistant portfolio manager at Royce Funds, to learn what he thinks makes for good small-cap investor relations.

One of the questions IR Magazine asked Kosowsky was related to the smallcap investor relations landscape.


Question: What makes small-cap investor relations unique?

Kosowsky: “In the small-cap space there are thousands of companies and each has its own story. It runs the gambit in terms of the opportunities you’re looking for: there are tremendous numbers of high-quality companies but also some very speculative opportunities. Small-cap and micro-cap IR are of paramount importance because you need to distill your story in a concise manner. There are literally thousands of companies trying to do that.”


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Kosowsky will also serve as one of the judges for the second IR Magazine Awards – Small Cap US at the OTC Markets’ NYC headquarters on September 26th.

Click this link to learn more about the IR Magazine smallcap awards.



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