SmallCap Analyst Shares Two Keys To SmallCap IR Success

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SmallCap Analyst Shares Two Keys To SmallCap IR Success

This summer, IR Magazine caught up with Rob Kosowsky, senior smallcap analyst and assistant portfolio manager at Royce Funds, to learn what he thinks makes for good small-cap investor relations.

One of the questions IR Magazine asked Kosowsky was related good smallcap IR practices.


Question: What makes for good small-cap investor relations?

Kosowsky: “The first major thing is disclosure. It’s very helpful when you look at disclosure to get all of the pertinent information – who the company’s customers and competitors are, for instance. You need a functioning IR section on your website that includes conference call transcripts. A lot of companies don’t even have a conference call, which we don’t understand. Crafting a concise, well-disclosed investor presentation and making sure it’s available on the website is always helpful.

Second, access to management is very important, especially the CEO and CFO. These are small companies that have a limited amount of capital and the range of outcomes is very wide. Really getting to know management team members and what their thoughts are is very important because management teams can have an outsize impact on small-cap performance.”


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Kosowsky will also serve as one of the judges for the second IR Magazine Awards – Small Cap US at the OTC Markets’ NYC headquarters on September 26th.

Click this link to learn more about the IR Magazine smallcap awards.



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