Three Social Media Tips For MicroCap IR Teams

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Three Social Media Tips For MicroCap IR Teams

In a recent post on the Q4 blog, Allyce Maclaren shared “Social media tips for IR from a marketing specialist.

The post Maclaren shared three social media tips that your microcap investor relations team can implement.

1. Define your policy, process and goals –  Develop disclosure rules, outline which social channels will be utilized for what purposes, and who will be responsible for posting. Some common goals include increasing visibility, transparency and brand awareness.

2. Choose your channels and tailor your content – Every social channel serves a different purpose, and the style of your content should reflect that. You should also consider developing distinct social media identities for IR, separate from your corporate profiles.

3. Monitor follower activity and engage in a two-way conversation – Monitor activity on your social channels to gauge sentiment that could affect your stock. Make it a priority to respond to questions in a timely and diplomatic way to ease any concerns and maintain investor confidence.


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