What Makes JumpIN Different From Traditional MicroCap Investor Conferences?


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What Makes JumpIN Different From Traditional MicroCap Investor Conferences?

JumpIN’s 6th investor dinner of 2018 is scheduled for October 4th in NYC. We recently shared a post about microcap investor conferences taking place in New York City this fall. With so many conference to choose from, we wanted to learn about what makes JumpIN unique so we caught up with Sam Kotch.

How is JumpIN different from traditional investor conferences?

Sam Kotch: “JumpIN is different from traditional investor conferences for three reasons;

1.Deal focused – We don’t have any traditional service provider sponsors, panels, or speakers. Everyone at JumpIN is either looking to invest or attract investment. Unlike traditional conferences where people are looking to sell something to participants or learn about industry trends, JumpIN’s participants are looking to make deals.

2. Intimate – Less than 150 people will attend next month’s JumpIN dinner, about 100 of which will be active direct investors. Participants will network over a formal five course gourmet dinner and multiple cocktail networking sessions. We have found this format allows investors and participating companies to connect on a highly personal level not possible at traditional investor conferences.

All of the investors watch each presentation versus traditional conferences where only a small group of investors watch each pitch. This means investors get to see a hand selected group of presenting companies without worrying about missing any.  Presenting companies get the benefit of sharing their opportunity with 100 investors in one room at once versus a breakout room of 10 to 25 investors.

3. Exclusive – With 100 investors and only seven presenting companies, JumpIN has one of the best ratios of investors to presenters in the industry (better than 10 investors for every 1 investor). Less presenting companies means we have to be very selective and only allow the best opportunities to present. Less investors means we can only invite the most active investors from our network that we think will be a good fit for the presenting companies’ stages and industries.”

What types of companies have presented at previous JumpINs this year?

Sam Kotch: “We have had a wide range of companies present at previous 2018 JumpINs. For us, the most important thing is the presenters have credible and actionable opportunities for our investor group.

So far, presenters have included; Reg A+ IPOs, Nasdaq listed issuers, ICOs, TSX issuers, OTCQB issuers, private companies, and more. Industries have ranged from bio-tech to consumer goods and everything in between. Most presenters are actively raising between $2 and $20 million while some are preparing for a future raise or liquidity event.”

Is there any space left for investors or presenters?

Sam Kotch: “Space is very limited and we are nearly at full capacity for October 4th. We do have a few presenter opportunities and investor seats available for highly qualified participants. We would especially like to add one more public microcap issuer (OTC, Nasdaq, or NYSE) to our presenter roster. If you would like to attend as an investor or presenter, shoot me an email at sam@jumpstartinvestment.com to see if you qualify.”






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