Tips To Pump Yourself Up Before a Presentation (or Calm Yourself Down)


Tips To Pump Yourself Up Before a Presentation (or Calm Yourself Down)

With six microcap events scheduled, the next two weeks will be a busy one for the microcap community.

For those of you presenting at a conference this week, Nancy Duarte’s article in HBR has some tips to help you feel comfortable before you present.


Have a hard time relating to the audience or do you get stage fright before speaking?

– Try working the room before your talk to connect with attendees by asking them questions and learning what they’re interested in.

– You can also zero in on a friendly face that you know in the audience from backstage.

– Another option is sitting in the audience before you present and looking at the stage from your audience’s vantage point. According to the article, renowned marketing speaker Nick Westergaard always relies on this pre-talk ritual, “I sit in the audience and quietly look at the stage I’ll be on while taking some deep breaths. A great centering exercise that my high-school band teacher taught me.”


Presenting at a high energy event or feel ambivalent about the subject?

– Try to exert yourself before you speak by doing a brief workout, dancing to hip hop music in your hotel room, or jumping up and down before you present.


Naturally high energy or jittery before a presentation?

– Try spiritual rituals like breathing in and out slowly.


Read the entire article HERE.


What do you do to prepare for presentations? Share your best tips in the comments!


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