Best MicroCap Guest Posts of 2018

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Best MicroCap Guest Posts of 2018

This year, we were honored to have some of the foremost experts in the small & micro cap space share guest posts with us. From microcap fundraising to smallcap investor relations, we shared over a dozen guest posts.

Below we look back at some of our best guest posts of 2018!

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SmallCap Uplist Series By Todd Heinzl

This year, Todd Heinzl of crafted and shared a SmallCap Uplist Series with our readers. The Uplist Series is designed to make small and microcap management teams more familiar with the uplisting process.

Uplist Series Part I: UpListing to a Senior Exchange in 2018

Uplist Series Part II: Corporate Governance

Uplist Series Part III: Investment Banking

Uplist Series Part IV: Seven Benefits of Uplisting To A Senior Exchange

Uplist Series Part V: Recent Examples of Uplists From The OTC

Uplist Analysis

Expert Analysis: Class of September & October 2018 OTC Graduates by Joseph M. Lucosky, Esq. 

Expert Analysis: Class of November 2018 OTC Graduates by Joseph M. Lucosky, Esq.


SmallCap Reg A+ IPOs

Ten Tips For Entrepreneurs Who Decide to Go Public by Robert F. Licopoli

Behind the Scenes of a Hybrid Reg A+ IPO by Darren Marble

Lower PPS Better Reg A+ Performance? by Steve Csikos and David Van Vort

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Stockbrokers (Apologies to John Huston and Mel Brooks) by Irwin Stein, Esq.

Capital Markets

New Independent Study: Benefits for International Companies Trading on OTCQX by Jason Paltrowitz 

Let’s Make A Deal! – A Message to Convertible Note Holders And MicroCap CEOs by Mark Basile, Esq. 

SmallCap Investor Relations

Intelligent IR: Research-Driven Investor Relations for Small and Microcap Companies by Joshua Levine & Robert Ferri


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