5 MicroCap IR Tips For CFOs With Investor Relations Budgets Under $10k

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5 MicroCap IR Tips For CFOs With Investor Relations Budgets Under $10k

In a recent article on IRMagazine.com, AJ Krick, CFO of Smith-Midland, shared advice for “Managing IR with less than $10,000.

In the article, Krick shared 5 MicroCap IR Tips For CFOs With Investor Relations Budgets Under $10k:

1. Use Free Resources – OTC Markets and PubCoCEO both provide a lot of free resources to help issuers succeed with microcap IR. A good place to start accessing free info is in PubCoCEO’s MicroCap IR section and OTC Markets’ Investor Relations Strategy page.

2. Develop An Investor Slide Deck – Kirk started developing a short investor slide deck and then improved it based on investor feedback. The deck no lives on Smith-Midland’s IR website.

3. Study Competitors IR Strategy – Kirk studied his competitors to develop insights on structuring earnings releases, improving the company’s earnings calls, and enhancing investor targeting efforts. He also listens to analysts’ questions on peer company earnings calls, so that he can further improve his own disclosures and foster better discussions with investors.

4. Go To Conferences – Kirk managed to attend many conferences as a free attendee (vs. a paid presenter or sponsor). He was able to network and learn from company presentations first hand, all for just the price of travel.

5. Build Your Business – Kirk observes that best way to make the company attractive to new investors is to just do his job. Kirk says “As the CFO, you’ve got to get on the shop floor and run the business first,’ he says. ‘If you’re not making any money, IR doesn’t mean anything. You’ve got to focus on the business and your strategic goals. As good things happen with the bottom line, it’s my job to make sure that helps the stock price.


Kirk admits that as his company grows, he will probably now need to start paying for more microcap investor conferences and an quality outsourced microcap IR firm.

While Krik got started with a $10,000 budget, the average small-cap company’s IR budget last year was $208,000, according to the IR Magazine IR Resources report.


Read the IR Magazine Article HERE.


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