Upcoming MicroCap Event: INVEST IN CANNABIS


Upcoming MicroCap Event: INVEST IN CANNABIS

We recently caught up with Mary Ruggiero to discuss Proactive Investors’ INVEST IN CANNABIS event.

Q&A below:


When and where is the Forum held?

Mary Ruggiero: “This forum is being held on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 at 767 3rd Avenue, 7th Floor, NYC 10017.”


How would you best describe INVEST IN CANNABIS?

Mary Ruggiero: “Proactive’s INVEST IN CANNABIS Forum brings together several small-cap publicly traded companies from the cannabis industry, with the aim of giving investors a better understanding of how those firms work and why they should consider investing in them.

Hear several presentations from these companies about their business plus an audience Q&A. The forum concludes with extended networking time, which includes an open bar, food, CBD samples, music and a chance for one-to-one meetings with the presenters.”


Who hosts the forum? Any interesting presenting companies?

Mary Ruggiero: “Proactive Investors is hosting this forum.

Some of the companies confirmed to present included the following:

• Armando Anido, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Zynerba Pharmaceuticals
• Cameron Chell, Chairman, ICOx Innovations
• Paul Mann, Chief Executive Officer, Alchemist Inc.
• Richard Schumacher, President and Chief Executive Officer, Pressure BioSciences Inc.


What is the event’s history?

Mary Ruggiero: “Proactive Investors has been running successful investor events, conferences and forums in London, Manchester, Dublin, Toronto, Melbourne, and Sydney for nearly 10 years. We opened our New York office almost a year ago and held our first event in NYC in April. That event proved popular and was standing room only during the presentations. The attendees comprised of genuine institutional and retail investors with an interest in learning about investment opportunities. They met with CEOs from a wide range of companies. Since then we host about one event every month.”


How many attendees do you expect at this event?

Mary Ruggiero: “We have over 400 registered attendees and about half will be selected to attend the event. At any one point, we expect there to be 100 investors in the room, including many from the top investment banks, as well as some of the largest fund managers and high net worth individuals.”


Who should attend and why?

Mary Ruggiero: “This event is intended for genuine institutional and retail investors who are considering putting their money to work in this dynamic sector. This is your chance to meet the CEOs of companies you are invested in or may be considering investing in, network with like-minded investors, and perhaps be part of a spectacular growth story.”


How do potential attendees register?

Mary Ruggiero: “Please email events.usa@proactiveinvestors.com with your name, title, company, website link (and/or linked-in profile), email address, and phone number. If you are selected to attend, you will be notified via email.”


Is there a deadline to register?

Mary Ruggiero: “The deadline to register is Friday, January 25, 2019.”


How much does it cost to attend?

Mary Ruggiero: “This forum is free for attendees.”


Anything else potential attendees should know?

Mary Ruggiero: “All registrations are reviewed and subject to approval. Those who qualify must be registered and have photo id to enter the event.”




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