Five Things To Consider When Hiring A MicroCap Attorney

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Five Things To Consider When Hiring A MicroCap Attorney

MicroCap Attorneys are not only an important part of a small public companies regulatory success but also their overall success.

From helping navigate the microcap financing minefield to making sure companies meet their regulatory requirements, a good microcap attorney can be the difference between success and failure for issuers.

Because hiring a microcap attorney is so vitally important to a small public companies’ success, we’ve shared five things to consider when hiring a microcap attorney below;

Five Things To Consider When Hiring A MicroCap Attorney

  1. Experience – Experience is one of the most important things when hiring an attorney to represent your small public company. Exchanges, the SEC, FINRA, unique financing structures, and public shareholders are all things that most attorneys do not have experience with. Those items, and more are why it’s important to work with an attorney who has significant small and micro-cap experience.
  2. Reputation – There are a lot of sharks in the microcap space and microcap attorneys can be the sharkiest of all (no offense to our attorney readers). Working with a reputable firm goes a long way. Not only can a management team operate with confidence knowing they are working with a quality firm but a reputable firm will convey confidence to all of your shareholders, regulators, and investors.
  3. Connections – One of the best part about working with an experienced and reputable firm is that they can introduce you to others that can help you business grow. Remember, reputations take years to build so don’t expect quality introductions until you’ve proven to be ready for them.
  4. Price – Let’s face it, most small cap public companies have limited budgets. While a large cap firm will most likely not be a good fit for your budget or needs, there are numerous mid size and boutique law firms that dominate the small and micro-cap space. You might be surprised how reasonably priced a top-notch small cap law firm can really be.
  5. Access – Questions and opportunities are abundant for smallcap management teams.  Being able to easily access your microcap attorney is vital to being able to avoid problems and seize opportunities.


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